The Artist
Thanks to her mother and grandmother, the
influence and support of art has always been
present in Georgia's family. As the wife of a
military man for 24 years and counting,
Georgia saw much of the world over-seas
which has influenced her work.

She took her first painting classes in the early
1980's and her passion for art has remained
constant throughout her adult life. In 1993, her
family returned to the Ohio Valley area, where
she expanded her artwork to painted glass as
well as traditional canvas. She opened her own
shop and participated in artisan shows in a
tri-state region for over a decade.

She has attended classes and seminars by Kitty
Gorrell, Robert Warren, Anne Kingslan, Mark
Polomchak, and Joy Wilson. She teaches
classes at her own studio as well as at arranged
locations. She has also taught at the Belmont
Technical College. She has her own line of
'Packets' which are step by step instructions for
reproducing some of her original works for
beginning and mid-level artists.

She is always experimenting with different
mediums and surfaces and her work is
constantly evolving. In addition to glasswork
painting, watercolors and oils, she has also
painted murals, signs and book covers for
Double Edge Press publishing. She enjoys
doing winter scenes, buildings, pets and

Her work has won numerous ribbons at various
Georgia does portrait work and
teaches classes as well as doing the
artwork shown here. Visit her '
us' page for more information.
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