One Photographer
In 2003 she received first place for fine
art for one of her photographs at the
Fork Art Festival
held annually in Cam-
bridge, Ohio.

Some of her work
is carried on a
regular basis at the
Artisan's Center in
Wheeling, West

There have been
articles regarding
her work appearing
in the
, Claysville,
Pennsylvania, the
Observer Reporter, Washington, Pennsyl-
vania, and the
Post Gazette, Pittsburgh,

She enjoys sharing her work with others
and hopes that she can leave a little bit
of our history, heritage and scenery be-
hind. Too many pieces of our lives, both
past and present, are being lost to  'pro-
gress'. She likes to think that the work
she does may add a little richness, enjoy-
ment and pleasure to the lives of anyone
viewing her work.  

In 2007 she celebrated 28 years of selling
her work, some of which have found their
way to such far away places as England,
Japan, Russia, and France as gifts sent
either to family or friends. She also has
four books released from
Double Edge
Martha Dougherty began taking
pictures at the age of 12, but it wasn't
until 1979 that she began participating
in art and craft festivals.
She is self-taught in the art of photo-
graphy, learning from doing, reading, and
talking with other photographers. She
feels that hands-on is the best teacher
and when you make a mistake, you cor-
rect it and don't forget it. She has had
her pictures and articles published in

Country Magazine
, West Virginia Maga-
, on calendars and in books, including
the multi-contributor
Life In The Slow
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