1. Russ Shaffer initiates the production
of his unique embossed engravings by
carving nature-inspired images into an
acrylic template.

Attention to detail in this phase is the
starting point for the characteristic
depth that brings his pieces to life.
4. The resulting artwork is tailored
specifically to the customer's orders.

'Natural' pieces are sized two times,
simply embossed and sold with no
additional color.
5. Customers can also opt for the artist
to hand-paint with water-colors their
one-of-a-kind embossed engraving.

These specially engineered pieces have
been sized three times to create an
optimum printing and painting surface.
Embossed Engravings
The Step by Step Process
2. Derived from dried flower petals and
other organic materials, the pulp is
blended and then sized (i.e. sealed
with an acrylic fixture and UV light) to
allow for workability and to ensure
longevity of the end  product.

The sized pulp is then placed into the
already carved template where it must
remain for 4 - 5 days to dry.
3. Once the pulp has completely dried,
it is run through an offset printing
press. The intense pressure allows for
the clarity of three-dimensional images
in Shaffer's work.

The pulp-now-paper is run through a
series of 10 - 15 presses, the artist
slightly tightening the machine on each
subsequent pass.
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